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The Ultimate Lipstick Experience

The Ultimate Lipstick Experience

Hello lovelies, 

It's safe to say we all love something personalised. So what better way then creating your own personalised lipstick.

I am here to tell you all about the incredible experience I had at The Lip Lab Fremantle last weekend where I custom created my own lipstick specifically for my wedding day! How glam is that!

After an absolutely crazy week last week I was ready to just chill out for the weekend but Paul (my fiance) had booked me in to The Lip Lab Fremantle to custom create my own lipstick on Saturday as a little surprise which I was SO grateful for. 

The fabulous Tanya was on hand to mix me up the perfect colour. I knew I wanted a matte nude shade but I also wanted a bit of colour too, so she started mixing up the browns and added a  little bit of pink.  It was such a fascinating experience all the amazing colours blending together had me in awe..

With each different colour Tanya added I got to try it on so we were able to adjust the shade to match exactly what I was after. 

Once the colour was perfect Tanya asked me what flavor/scent I wanted my lipstick to be.. How cool is that?!  I am not one for sweet smells but more woody smells so I decided to go for 'Exotic Spices' 

5 minutes later my own custom created lipstick was ready! As it will be my wedding lipstick I decided to name it 'Mrs' (super cheesy I know)

Overall, the whole process took about 30 minutes and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. It was the ultimate lipstick experience and I can safely say that I will be back to create more customized lipsticks.

So anyone that can't find their perfect lipstick colour, head to The Lip Lab Fremantle and create your own and if you do make sure to let us know. Below you'll see my colour with a touch of gloss over the top. It is just FAB! 

Love Always,

Jules x 

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