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10 weeks to Wifey

10 weeks to Wifey

Hello Lovelies, 

Seen as you all loved my first Wedding Blog (which you can read here)I've decided to give you an update as we have reached the 10 weeks to go mark. We actually fly back to Ireland in 8 weeks which is super exciting to be able to have 2 weeks to relax and finalise everything before the big day. 

Everything is pretty much sorted for the big day, we just have a few more bits to get done and to buy before we fly. Our RSVPs are coming back quickly and we are nearly ready to start working on the seating plan (which I am DREADING) But I think with a large glass of wine and a good highlighter pen I can allocate guests and their seats with ease. LOL

Where am I at with Planning?! Well, I have my first major dress fitting the beginning of November so that has me really excited. My bridesmaids dresses are in Ireland so I don't really have to worry about them too much and I can organise their dress fittings when I get back to Ireland. My wedding shoes are in the process of being 'broken in' which if I am honest has been pretty tough, but it will be worth it.

I've booked in my make up trials with the amazing Kate Rose Crean and I hope to do my hair trials the same day.  I haven't booked my spray tan yet as I am still undecided about what brand tan I want to use, so any suggestions or recommendations are welcome. 

Other than that all the main aspects of the wedding are pretty sorted. I will do a full suppliers list blog once the wedding is over so I can give you all proper feedback, but if I am honest I am confident that everyone we chose will be perfect for the big day! 

Here are some of the main questions you guys have asked.


Update on my fitness.

Well you may have seen from Facebook, Instagram and my insta-stories, I've been busting my ass to be in the best shape I've ever been in for the big day. I've also signed up to the gym for the 2 weeks leading up to our wedding as the hotel we are staying in while in Ireland doesn't have a gym.

Why am I busting my ass? So when I bought my wedding dress I was in tip top shape so I knew that it would be an incentive and a motivator to stay in good shape. Which as a result it has been! I've been clean eating, working out and drinking 3-4 liters of water every day and kick booze to the curb (mid-week anyway)  and plan on keeping that going for the next 10 weeks. 


Skin Care

I recently wrote a blog on my nighttime skin care routine which you guys seemed to love! If you've missed you can read it here. I haven't varied my skin care routine since then and I don't plan on doing so either before the big day. Maybe a few more facials but that's about it. Water is also helping heaps with keeping my skin hydrated and glowing. 

Packing for Ireland

I am super organised when it comes to packing my suitcase. I start about 4 weeks before I fly so I know that everything in my case is perfect. I pre-plan my outfits, shoes and accessories (super OCD I know) But once I arrive I want to be able to unpack my case in the hotel and relax! This year we are flying home with 3 suit cases and a wedding dress, so I might just start the packing and organising a little sooner so keep an eye on our SnapChat (Julesnchlo) to follow the packing process.  I've recently bought some bits from for Ireland so I will post them on Facebook and Instagram for you all to see.


I've tried to cover the main topics you guys have asked me about and I will certainly be blogging when I get to Ireland. So get any questions you may have sent through and I'll aim to do another blog before I fly. 


Love Always,

Jules x







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