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Bondi Sands

Bondi Sands

The Tan that allows you to go from a 4 to a solid 10 and who doesn't want to be a 10!..

We've been using Bondi Sands as our self tanner of choice since we discovered it early last year. We have been through almost every other brand self tanner you can think of, some of them are good don't get us wrong, but Bondi Sands actually makes you look and feel like you just went and got a lovely tan at Bondi Beach. 

Another thing that makes  Bondi Sands so spectacular is that there is such a wide range to choose from! From gradual tanning lotion, thought to instant tanning foam that comes in either a light to medium shade or a medium to dark. We definitely recommend the light to medium if you've never used a self tanner before, as it gives more of a sun-kissed look than an outright bronzed tan. 

Recently Bondi Sands launched their Liquid Gold Self Tan Dry Oil, at first we were a bit sceptical, as we just didn't know how nice of a glow this tan would give. Also were a bit concerned about the possibility of streaking with it being oil..However, since being such a fan of the rest of their range we gave it a go and, WOW!.... Liquid Gold is exactly what it is!! It goes on dry, so no waiting around naked until you can put your clothes back on (which is a big plus in winter time!) ;). This tanning oil is fab and we highly recommend you give it a try. 

However, todays Product Review is all about the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, which we use in shade Medium/Dark (because we love to look like we've been in Barbados for 6 weeks). This tan pumps out into your tan mitt like foam, it's tinted so you can clearly see where you apply it to your skin, which means NO streaks ladies! Also, you instantly have a lovely bronze tint which is great! The tan itself smells devine, like coconut and tropical island. We generally apply this tan in the evenings and wash off the following morning. This allows the tan to continue to develop through the night leaving you an amazing bronze glow (this tan is not orange at all, so don't stress, you'll never look like a tangerine!). Only thing we will say is, do not put fresh white bedsheets on before you sleep with tanner on (they'll turn a lovely shade of orangey pink) we learned this the hard way.

You can get away with applying this tan in the morning and wearing during the day, before washing off in the evening. Just remember the longer you leave it on, the deeper the bronze colour is going to be. So if you want a more subtle tan, just wash after a couple of hours. 

Before you apply this amazing product, make sure you exfoliate and shave.. This will make sure for an even, perfect glow, with no chance of patches. Another helpful tip to help your tan last is to moisturise thoroughly after washing it off, as your tan will not last as long if your skin is dry. Use a medium weight, vitamin E cream to really give your skin a good dose of hydration. We like Nivea Express Hydration. This tan generally lasts  about 4/6 days, but you can get a bit longer out of it if you moisturise well every day. 

Bondi sands is easy to apply, and gives you the perfect shade, it's up to you to decide exactly what shade of beautiful bronze you want to be. 

We are absolutely sold on Bondi Sands! It is the ultimate self tanner, that actually gives you a salon professional tan. The great thing is that it is also inexpensive, and comes on sale often. We are pretty much our own shop because when it's on sale we buy loads! Between the two of us we must have 20 bottles ;P.. Tan addicts just a little bit.

We all love to have that 'I've just been on a tropical holiday' glow, and this tan will give you exactly that. Don't take our word for it though, go and try it for yourselves! You can get your ticket to tanning perfection from any of these Australian stockists (also keep an eye out at Coles they regularly sell this beauty too);

Bondi Sands Online.


We would love to see your beautiful bronzed glow, and hear any comments you might have about Bondi Sands. Feel free to give us as email, we'd love to get to know some of you!

Now go get your tan on!

Loads of love,
Jules 'n' Chlo X 



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