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Hey Guys, 

So as most of you know I am getting married this December back in my lovely hometown of Waterford in Ireland. 

I wanted to do a blog for all our followers to give them an insight into how we chose our wedding venue. 

First off, wedding planning is only as stressful as you make it! Since I am planning our wedding from Perth I initially thought I would be stressed off my head due to the time difference, and trying to fly back and forth to Ireland to arrange reception venues / suppliers / meal tasting / church location and the works. However, this was not the case.

We decided that we wanted our wedding to be in Ireland so we started our venue shopping by choosing the South East of Ireland as our region and looking at all the different churches and hotels in that area. I got myself a wedding planning folder so I could write down all the venues that we liked the most before going ahead and contacting them. We managed to narrow down our search to 3-4 hotels that we loved so we got in contact and they sent us through their wedding packages.

Wedding packages vary in price and my best advice would be to discuss the different packages that are available with your venue to ensure that you are paying for exactly what you want. There are so many hotels that offer such a huge range of options that sometimes it can get really confusing. Also, have a look at your wedding budget and the amount of guest you are inviting and this will assist with your venue shopping. Some venues don’t cater for larger numbers and others cost a lot of money per person. So find your happy medium and work from there.

After months of venue shopping and sending my mum off to see different hotels and eat more lunches than I could count we decided to book Waterford Castle. I cannot stress how important it is to just visit venues and have lunch there or even high tea without mentioning that you are venue shopping. There was many venues we went to as did mum and walked away disappointed. Personally, if the service isn’t good for lunch then it questions how good it could be for a wedding of 110. Thankfully Waterford Castle catered to all of our needs and we were confident that we would be receiving the best service on our big day.  

 I wouldn't go saying that I always wanted to get married in a castle because that is definitely not the case! But Waterford Castle has always been one of the most amazing places I have ever visited especially in winter. It is its own little Island with a Castle on it and the grounds are just fabulous! It’s peaceful, relaxing, romantic and the food is outstanding! It ticked every box and fitted perfectly with the theme we were hoping for. It’s a venue that you do not have to decorate as such just compliment what is already there. It was our dream venue. Not to mention we have the island and the castle exclusively for the whole day and night. Accommodation is available in chalets on the grounds of the Island and there is 19 rooms in the Castle itself.

Venue 'shopping' is a lot harder than you initially think, with new pictures being uploaded to Pinterest every day and more and more locations being suggested to you, it’s hard not to get caught up and stressed about where you would like to get married. 

However - follow your heart! It’s only when you start scowering the Internet for venues that your original idea gets thrown out, and you get bombarded with options. So stick to what you always wanted, and your venue will be perfect! 

I hope all you brides to be have found my advice useful and make sure you get your requests sent in if you yourself are planning your big day and would like some info. 

Love always,

Jules x 

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