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Jules N' Chlo's "Best of Perth"

Jules N' Chlo's "Best of Perth"

Hi there lovelies..

Today we've decided to share with you some of our favourite places around our beautiful Perth City. We may be the most isolated city on Earth, but we surely make up for that with character, charm and undeniable beauty!

First off, Kings Park.. This park is absolutely stunning. From the war memorial, to the stunning bush walks, the tree top walk and amazing kids playgrounds! There are also 2 eateries; Fraser's Restaurant and Zamia Cafe, that serve ridiculously good food. It really is the perfect place, whether it's for your morning jog, kids birthday party, celebratory dinner, or just for a relaxing walk and a stare at the stunning scenery. Kings Park makes Perth look beautiful, as you can see it on your drive in. Perth is not your typical urbanized city, there is that bit of natural beauty present here which we think is awesome. 

Just South of Perth you have its next best thing; Fremantle. Freo is full of historic charm, some of its buildings dating right back to first settlement. Fremantle has a relaxed, boho charm about it. You can't go out in Freo without seeing all the street performers, who are unimaginably entertaining. There's the Freo Markets which sell everything you can think of, including fresh fruit and veg, which FYI, it the freshest and tastiest you'll get anywhere and comes from local growers! Mosy on down from the markets towards the marina and there is a stunning park, huge Ferris wheel, and a boardwalk with so many restaurants; Kailis, Oyster Bar, Joes fish shack, cicerellos.. Our personal faves are; Little Creatures Brewery, where they brew the beer on site and it's delicious, plus they do the greatest Woodford pizzas on the planet, and then there is; Bathers beach house, right opposite bathers beach, with a stunning view of the water. The food here is Devine, and the cocktail list, nothing short of amazing! Urge you to give these places a try. Fremantle is so fun and quirky, there is always something new to see or hear. Spend a day at this awesome little city and you'll fall in love as we have!

The newest and greatest addition to Perth City is Elizabeth Quay which made its debut this year! It is so fab, the art work is amazing. It has a large piece with all the primary students signatures from every school in WA! See if you can find yours.. Elizabeth Quay is based around the swan bell tower, and has a stunning little bridge over a pond where you can hang a little love heart locket with etched names to signify your love for your partner, friends and family. There is also set to be a cable car to Kings Park constructed in future! Definitely worth a visit and a walk around.

Next on our list of amazing places in Perth is Mandurah. Mandurah is about 50 minutes south of Perth, and so often gets overlooked. Chlo grew up around Mandurah and she loves to go back there for a visit. Mandurah is a huge city, it has an amazing performing arts centre, some stunning seaside restaurants, huge shopping centre, and some great beaches. Definitely worth a day trip to check out the sights! 

Lastly, Perth is noted for its stunning beaches, so we thought we would name off our top 5 faves;

1. Port and Leighton Beaches in Freo.

P Beach.jpg

2. Cottesloe Beach

3. Scarborough Beach

4. Safety Bay Beach in Rockingham

safety bay 1.jpg

5. Coogee Beach

Definitely recommend you visit these 5 beaches, they are all stunning. Port, Cottesloe and Scarborough beaches are great for surfing and kite surfing. Safety Bay and Coogee beaches are fab for the kiddies as there's more sheltered areas and coves with less waves. 

We hope you've enjoyed our best of Perth City blog, do let us know if you go to any of these places! 

Loads of Love,
Jules n' Chlo xxx

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