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Feed the skin from within - the effects of lemon on health and well-being

Feed the skin from within - the effects of lemon on health and well-being

Hey Lovelies, 

We have recently teamed up with Phil from The Perth Health Coach (@theperthhealthcoach) so we can share our ideas and insights, and bring you some fabulous blog posts on healthy body detoxes and remedies.

As we come into the summer months, we thought we would share a post about a simple drink that feeds the skin from within. Lemon Juice and Water! 

Here is what Phil has to say about the benefits of lemon on the skin and body;

 'Skin health is often a reflection of our internal health. To get clear healthy skin we have to go inside! I have worked with many models and fitness figure competitors and they swear by this morning routine.’

Our tip is to add the juice of quarter of a lemon into 300-500mls of water and drink it as soon as you wake up!

1. Lemons are rich in vitamin C which help to support your immune system!

2. Some studies have shown Vitamin C may increase your ability to absorb iron!

3. Lemon juice encourages acidity in the stomach, which has been shown to improve digestion and relieving symptoms such as heart burn and bloating.'

We here at Jules N' Chlo have personally seen the benefits of lemon in water on the skin and on the body. We often have warm water with lemon juice in the mornings. It helps kick-start the metabolism, and rehydrates the body after sleep. Imagine going 8-10 hours without having a drink of water during the day.. You wouldn't, so it makes sense to drink water as soon as you wake in the mornings. Adding lemon not only gives water a bit of flavour, but it has been proven to help flush the body of toxins, is anti-inflammatory, and helps to balance the body's Ph levels. You can even get creative and add some mint, lime or orange as well! 

Another handy hint is to drink lemon water during and after working out, as it helps replenish the body's salts and electrolytes naturally. 

We recommend adding this healthy little trick in to your morning routine, have a glass before your cup of coffee. Also try filling a water bottle and adding lemon to drink throughout the day. It's less boring and has so many benefits! 

Stay tuned for more blog posts from @theperthhealthcoach and @julesnchlo.


Love Always, 

Jules N' Chlo

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