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Stranded by Diana

Stranded by Diana

Hey beautiful babes,

I wanna talk hair care! Something that I always get into and then rapidly fall out of when I run out of Shampoo and Conditioner.. anyone else find that as soon as they run out of good hair care products they pop to their local supermarket or pharmacy and end up grabbing something cheap and really awful for your hair? Maybe it’s just me.

Anyhoo…. A few months ago (yup this has been tried and tested and tried again) a gorgeous lady called Diana contacted me. She is a 16 year old female entrepreneur GIRLBOSS, from Perth, who has created her own line of haircare. Yes, you read that right… 16!! When I think of what I was getting up to at 16 it certainly doesn’t involve business plans and creating my own haircare range.

Diana has created ‘Stranded by Diane’ a keretin based shampoo and conditioner and very kindly asked me if I would like to collaborate with her and try out her products. I instantly agreed. I really love to support local businesses and especially girlbosses.

As soon as I got them I was straight in the shower to give them a whirl.


How I got on…

At first I was totally confused as to why it didn’t lather up like my normal cheap shampoo but I continued and didn’t let that deter me. After I conditioned my hair I noticed that my hair felt a little dry before I began to blow dry my hair. That dryness was actually clean hair! All the nasty build up of cheap products was being washed away and my natural hair was being restored to how it should be.

(I should mention I felt pretty gross knowing that I had such a build of up crap in my hair)

After the first few washes my hair still felt a little dry so I reached out to Diana to ask her if this was normal. She said it was because my hair is getting used to the Keretin. Which in hindsight kinda makes sense seeing as I’ve been using cheap shampoo and conditioner for a while. She recommended leaving the conditioner in overnight and even the next day while I went to work so it got time to work its magic.

Well I followed her instructions and hey presto – luscious locks!!

I must admit I am very happy with Stranded by Diana. It really is a wonderful product created by a wonderful person.

I highly recommend purchasing it and giving it a try. Even my hairdressers said my hair is looking much healthier and I’ve nothing to thank only Stranded by Diana.

I’ll leave her link below if any of you babes want to try it out.

Stranded by Diana

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